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Gehi & Associates is a New York law firm specializing in extremely complex immigration and deportation cases.

It is not unusual for Gehi & Associates to be retained by clients not entirely satisfied by their previous attorneys or applicants looking to retain a seasoned attorney to handle their complex immigration cases. Several Immigration cases at Gehi & Associates are often referred by other law firms, especially because of the firm and its attorneys' expertise in handling complex deportation removal matters before immigration judges and federal courts in New York.

The firm has had several battered spouse cases, where the US citizen spouse has been reluctant to assist the foreign national spouse. Without any help from the US spouse, Gehi & Associates has helped many clients in obtaining permanent residency by filing petitions as battered spouse, if the spouse has been a victim of extreme cruelty.

Gehi & Associates is also retained by large corporations and H1-B visa applicants, including software engineers, IT professionals, physical therapists, architects and so forth. The law firm also deals with employment-based immigrant petitions on a regular basis.

The principle of the law firm, Immigration Attorney Gehi is a long-standing member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) and has been a speaker at AILA meetings (American Immigration Lawyers Association), having also served on the panel of "Ask The Experts" for AILA's New York chapter.

Attorney Gehi has handled extremely complex immigration matters, including, terrorism and criminal cases; deportation removal maters and complex employment-based RFE (Request for Evidence); battered spouses and cases before the federal court in New York. Attorney Gehi is licensed to practice law in the Eastern and Southern District of New York, and in the State of Connecticut. He is also admitted to the Court of Appeals. Attorney Gehi holds a Master of Laws degree from the University of Georgia.

One of Attorney Gehi's most arduous cases involved a client whose name and birth date matched that of a suspected terrorist. This case ultimately required representation in front of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and led to the client successfully obtaining his green card.

The firm's motto for long is "When Other Lawyers Say NO, we May Say YES."

The law firm represents clients from all over the US as well as across the globe.

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